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Osum: A Tale of Love and Tragedy..

Berat, Albania: The Ancient Legend of The Osumi River, Castle and The Two Mountains.

Berat is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Albania, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But did you know that there is a legend behind its stunning landscape, involving two mountains, a river, and a fairy?

View of Mangalem, Berat

According to the legend, long ago, there were two brothers, Tomorr and Shpirag, who were very close and loyal to each other. They lived in harmony in the land of Berat, until one day, they both met and fell in love with a beautiful fairy named Osum.

Osum loved them both equally, and could not choose between them. She secretly met with each brother, without them knowing about the other. However, one day, Tomorr discovered the truth and confronted Shpirag. He asked him to give up Osum and end their relationship, but Shpirag refused. He was angry and jealous and did not want to lose Osum.

The two brothers, who once were inseparable, started a fierce fight over Osum. They used their swords and cannons and wounded each other badly. They fought until they both died from their injuries. Osum heard about the tragedy and was heartbroken. She cried so much that her tears formed a river, that flowed between the two mountains where the brothers lay. The gods punished Osum by turning her into a stone cliff, which now makes up the Castle of Berat. The river was named Osum, after the fairy, and the mountains were named Tomorr and Shpirag, after the brothers.

The legend says that the holes and scars on the mountains are the marks of the swords and cannons that the brothers used against each other. The river, on the other hand, is a symbol of Osum's sorrow and love for the brothers.

Today, you can see the mountains and the river from the city of Berat, and admire their beauty and majesty. You can also visit the Osum Canyon, one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Albania, and enjoy the rafting and hiking activities there. Berat is not only a city of culture and history, but also a city of legend and romance. If you visit Berat, you will discover the story of Osum, Tomorr, and Shpirag, and feel their presence in the landscape. You will also experience the charm and hospitality of the people of Berat, who are proud of their heritage and traditions.

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